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Why learn French with Le Français For You?

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Bonjour à toutes et à tous !

Beyond the 10 reasons to learn French, you will find with Le Français For You a professional and quality environment with a Native French Teacher. You will also benefit from kind support. Mistakes are all welcome because they are part of the learning process. We learn from our mistakes.

The performance is individual and everyone evolves at their own pace, without any judgment because you will not be graded after each class like an exam!

Our values: Love, Learn & Share.

Which means that our only objective is to share and promote the teaching of this magnificent language which is French. Everyone is free to choose several learning methods that are beneficial to them. The important thing is to take pleasure in your learning process. We encourage you to complete your knowledge with personal work as long as it is linked to French!

You will learn in a relaxed and caring atmosphere. You will have the support of your fellow learners because we encourage mutual aid.

Our line of conduct is RESPECT. Any discriminatory act is prohibited.

Do not give up, everyone learns at their own pace and you will find the method and the teacher that suits you. Be patient and keep learning every day of your life. Whatever your age!

We are all learners of something so why not learn French language?

My apologies for my Frenglish! ^_^

Je vous dis à très bientôt !

Micheline, Le Français For You !


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