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What is the FLE Quality Label?

The Qualité français langue étrangère certification identifies, recognises and promotes French foreign language centres and teachers whose language teaching and services present assurances of quality.

The Qualité français langue étrangère certification was created in 2007 with a view to identify, recognise and promote French foreign language all around the world.

The scope of the certification covers French language training, with the exception of teacher and trainer training courses, and a range of peripheral services surrounding the provision of French as foreign language classes, such as hosting facilities, premises, equipment and management.

The framework

The certification is awarded in accordance with a framework based on the following five aspects:

  • Teaching and training courses

  • Teachers

  • Hosting and support

  • Premises, safety and equipment

  • Management

Teaching and training courses

The French as a foreign language training courses offered are designed to meet the linguistic needs of students and are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and detailed curricula. The ways in which the classes are prepared and delivered are consistent with the CERFL and the curricula.

Students evaluate the training courses and are involved in the quality improvement process in order to optimise the learning process.

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