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Bonjour à toutes et à tous !


The values at Le Français For You are Love, Learn & Share.

Which means that our only objective is to share and promote the teaching of this magnificent language which is French.
Everyone is free to choose several learning methods that are beneficial to them. The important thing is to take pleasure in your learning process. We encourage you to complete your knowledge with personal work as long as it is linked to French!

Who is Micheline? I was born in France and I grew up there until I moved to Australia four years ago.

So, I have been teaching French for students, adults, children from Australia, the US, Canada, Asia, Europe, etc... I worked for a Public Australian School, learning organizations like Language Trainers,..


I am generous by nature and I have always shared my knowledge and given my time with pleasure. 

This is the reason why I volunteered at the International French School of Sydney since my arrival in Australia until the lockdown and for months, I hosted French group reading sessions for learners from all over the world.

All those experiences have been a real revelation for me. I realized that the French language deserves to be known from beyond the borders and that it is a wonderful language!​

So, to consolidate my teaching experience and complete my knowledge, I decided to resume studies in parallel with my family life and my jobs as a teacher and a cook in order to obtain an official diploma to teach French from the Alliance Francaise of Paris.

At the end of a year of study, assessments and final exam, I obtained the diploma so hoped for, and I am very proud of it!


What an adventure! My life in France was completely different. I lived in the North-East of France and I worked for more than 15 years in the commercial field which brought me a strong experience in customer service, project management and leadership skills.


Now, it is such a pleasure to teach my native language to motivated and diligent learners!

Do not give up, everyone learns at their own pace and you will find the method and the teacher that suits you. Be patient and keep learning every day of your life. Whatever your age!

We are all learners of something so why not learn French language?


My apologies for my Frenglish! ^_^

Je vous dis à très bientôt !

Le Français For You !

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